A date night with Kincaid’s…

When Kincaid’s offered to have my husband and I for dinner, we were so excited and jumped at the chance to go. Little did they know, Kindcaid’s holds very special place in my heart because the hubby took me there the night he proposed! We were pretty young when we got engaged and started a family and it was such a fun experience to take a trip down memory lane and look at how far we’ve come!

Aside from my personal attachment to Kincaid’s, if you have never been to Kincaid’s in Redondo Beach, CA, you are missing out. The restaurant prides itself on excellent steaks and an artistic and innovative take on Seafood. It is overlooking the harbor which makes for an unreal view. This restaurant is truly a South Bay staple!

Having lived in Southern California my entire life, I have seen my fair share of gorgeous sunsets but it never gets old and that night did not disappoint. Our evening started off being seated by the warm and vibrant staff. After taking a moment to enjoy the gorgeous view, we ordered our typical drinks – a moscow mule for me, an old fashioned for him. Let me tell you, the drinks were so good… and stiff. I had to ask for more ginger beer {my 21 year old self would have cringed}! Our drinks were accompanied by their house bread {crazy addicting} and the most delicious artichoke crab dip ever. My husband devoured that dip within minutes and my mouth is watering just thinking about it!

We then split a caesar salad and by this time I was starting to get a little full but our main courses hadn’t even arrived! And surprise surprise, those did not disappoint us either! I ordered a Halibut dish and Chris got prime rib. I was so impressed with the artistic design of my dish, it was almost too pretty to eat. Between the layers and flavors of the dishes, we were so satisfied.

And to top all of this deliciousness, we had to order two desserts because we couldn’t decide on just one!! We {okay let’s be real, I} ordered a key lime pie and peach cobbler. Excuse my french but holy sh*t. Both were so amazing, I had to physically move them away from me so I would stop eating them!  A few pics below:

It is safe to say that our date night at Kincaid’s was a success! As parents we rarely get the opportunity to do anything just the two of us but it was a great reminder that we need to do it more often. We will definitely be back to Kincaid’s and if you live in Southern California or are ever visiting, I highly suggest making a trip there!

Thanks for stopping by!

Xx, Leslie


**Special thanks to Kincaid’s and their sweet staff for hosting us, we had a perfect night!

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